Kamis, 15 September 2011

Backlink, Directory Submission and Link Building

What do you know about Directory Submission?  Directory Submission is one important option of a campaign to build links. As you know the purpose of search engine optimization is to increase the number of visitors coming to your website. Significant part of the process of SEO is link building campaign. Build backlinks to your website is one important way to increase traffic and simultaneously increase the Google PageRank. With the increased performance of your website then your website will automatically be sought after search engine rankings. When you build links to your web page then you need to ensure that the anchor text that you created in the backlinks have been according to the keywords which you want to get ranked in search engines.

In general, the more links you get to your site with anchor text that match the keywords you select, the higher your website will appear in search engine results. In other words, the more often your website appears in search engines the opportunity to obtain traffic will be higher. You certainly hope that with increased traffic, the Google Page Rank will increase as well. Similarly, the Alexa Rank where you would expect your site to have the Alexa Rank is increasingly small.


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